Teamwork is everything at First Financial. We’ve built a close-knit, supportive group of colleagues who all enjoy coming to work and who pull together to give our clients a high-quality service. So how have we managed to build such a powerful team and a great buzz in the office? In the next blog in our revealing series, 25 years of passion, quality and service, we share six ways we’ve managed to achieve it.


  1. Regular meetings

If you want to bring a team of people together, you need to keep everyone in the loop. That’s why we hold quarterly meetings with the whole team to let them know what’s going on. And our Directors have a weekly huddle to share updates and then feed them back to their teams.


  1. Working from home socials

In a pandemic, it’s even harder to build and maintain team spirit, but we’ve tried our best. While everyone was working from home, we ran drop-in coffee mornings three times a week, ran regular quizzes and even sent everyone pizzas on a Friday.


  1. Thank you gifts

We were so grateful for how everyone adapted to change during the early days of the pandemic. So just before welcoming everyone back to the office, we sent out a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their return. And to say thanks for working so hard and continuing to deliver excellent service through all the uncertainty.


  1. A vibrant working environment

One of our top priorities is to create a hard-working environment that can be fun too. So when we all got back into the office, it was a relief to see that the old buzz was still there. It’s crucial to us that people are excited about coming into work and feel like it’s a place to bounce ideas and constantly learn something new.


  1. Quarterly events

The teambuilding social events we run every quarter let us get to know each other better – and are an excellent way for us to relax and have some fun. From cocktail making classes, eating out and going to the races, to clay pigeon shooting, BBQ’s in our office garden and our Christmas parties, they’re small things that make a big difference.


  1. Our goal

It’s a big, audacious goal, but we want to be seen as a company that’s built around growth, nurture and support. It really does underpin everything we do. And the fact that our staff turnover is so low shows that we’re well on the way to achieving our ambition.


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